Fitness Moves Using Your Chair

chair fitness exercises

You do not necessarily need to go to gym for staying fit. You can do some simple workouts using your chair. Here are some simple moves that can help you stay fit right from your chair.


Kneeling hinge :- This form of workout is helpful in toning your hips and legs muscles.
1. Kneel down on your knees behind the chair at about your forearm distance from it. Keep your body straight above knees.
2. Hold the chair’s top edges with your hands. Your knees should be about hip width apart
3. Transferring some body weight to chair and other knee, pull in your abdominal muscles and lift one leg ,keeping your knee bent, sidewise like pendulum little towards rear side of your body.
4. Raise your leg as much as you can comfortably and then bring it back but do not land it on the floor.
5. Again lift the leg and repeat the entire process 15 – 20 times. Switch the leg and repeat again.


Fly-ups :- This exercise helps you to maintain a flat belly.
1. Lie down on the floor with both heels on the chair and legs about your hip distance from each other. Your knees should make a 90 degree angle to the ground.
2. keeping your lower back on the ground, lift your shoulders along with the head and try to reach to your ankles.
3. Do not allow your lower body to lift up the ground and keep your abdominal muscles pulled in while lifting up.
4. Hold the top position for a second and slowly release your body. Hold the position when your shoulders are about an inch above the floor.
5. Again, pulling in your abs, lift your upper body as earlier. Repeat the process 15 – 20 times.


Ice skater :- This exercise will tone your hips as well as arms muscles.
1. Stand behind the chair at about arms distance from it. Hold the top edges of the chair with both hands.
2. Bend down and lift one leg simultaneously in such a way that your body and the lifted leg stays in one line and gets parallel to the ground. Your elbows should make 90 degree angle with your body.
3. At the top position, your lifted leg should be at about your hip level. You can bend the other leg a bit.
4. Raise your body up and bring your leg down simultaneously. Repeat the process 15 to 20 times and then switch the leg.


Triceps push-ups :- This exercise helps build strength in shoulders, arms and upper body muscles.
1. Sit on the edge of the chair and hold the corners of the chair, on both sides of your hips, with your hands.
2. Putting pressure on both palms, raise your body lifting your butts off the chair. Keep your arms straight.
3. Keeping both legs straight and extended forward, move your feet about 10 inches forward from previous position. Your hip will be out of the chair by now.
4. keeping your body straight in a line bend your elbows and let your body come down close to chair without moving your feet. Do not allow your body to touch the chair except your hands.
5. Putting pressure on your triceps and shoulders, lift your body up until arms gets straight. Hold the position for a second and repeat the process again. You can do about 15 – 20 repetitions at a time.


Forward bend :- This exercise is form of stretching exercise and helps in releasing the tension in the neck as well as upper back muscles.
1. Take a deep breath and bend forward while breathing out. Let you body relax and let your arms and head hanging above your knees.
2. Stay in the position for a while and then get back slowly to the original sitting position. You can repeat as much time as you want. It will make you feel relaxed.


Sitting Leg Lifts :- This exercise will help you build strength in your legs and lower back.
1. Sit on the chair with straight back and hold the chair from both sides with both hands.
2. Take a deep breath and lift your right leg until it gets straight in front of you. Hold the position and flex your foot for a while.
3. Lower down your leg to get into the initial position keeping your back straight.
4. Switch the leg and repeat the same process again.