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The privacy of every visitor of is very important to us.

1. The privacy of our user/visitor is important to us as we told above. See, we do not collect any type of data of our visitor/user at present.

2. We never collect or share or sell any type of our blog user data to anyone.

3. Our primary focus/motto is to provide lot of free high quality information through our blog on the related topic 1st. We bring traffic from platforms like Google, Quora, Medium etc. and try to monetize it by ad sense, related affiliate programs, sponsorships etc. for survival ( for running costs of the blog ) of this blog and try to earn some money to live life for self and our dedicated team, that is working for this blog day and night from a long time. By this above explanation, we are trying to tell everyone. We are not collecting any kind of information or personal information about our users. We respect our user privacy and we are always try to protect it. Our only one motive is to provide free, relevant & quality information to our blog readers on the related topic.

Hyperlinks to Other Websites/Blogs

Our blog contain hyperlinks that lead to other blogs and websites, such as ad sense links, affiliate links, sponsored links, links to the related/relevant sites or blogs etc. If you click on these hyperlinks, then we are not accountable for your privacy. These sites & blogs are not owned by us and not ruled by our privacy protection policy agreement. Please read first the privacy protection policy on these site/blog, where you go from our blog. Our privacy policy is applied on our blog only. Their privacy policy may different than us or may be same like us. Both condition are possible.