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DABUR Rasraj Ras – 30 Tablets Pack

It is also good for treating arthritic pains including osteoarthritis. It is also good for treating arthritic pains including osteoarthritis. Can successfully treat all kinds of seizures It is also good for treating arthritic pains including osteoarthritis Rheumatoid arthritis and gout

Dabur Swarna Bhasma Price

This ayurvedic medicine improves muscle strength and helps in all diseases like muscular dystrophy. Swarna bhasma helps to improve low appetite, lack of digestive fire also improves muscle strength, helps in all wasting diseases like muscular dystrophy . Swarna bhasma brings out quickly the colour and beauty of the body. Swarna bhasma: 500mg Dosage: 15.5-62.5 …

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Kapiva Slim Shake

Kapiva Slim Shake India’s First Complete Meal Replacement Shake Powered with 6 Ayurvedic Herbs -Skipping meals to reach your weight loss goals? Not the right way as it can lead to nutritional deficiencies. So, why not switch to a healthy low-calorie drink? With 6 herbs & 12 superfoods, Kapiva Mango Slim Shake provides you nutrients …

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Sunova Diabetes Care

Sunova Diabetic care is a unique synergistic combination of standardized fenugreek, Gudmar and Daruharidra extract, it’s regulate the glucose metabolism and lowers the blood glucose level Direction: One capsule twice a day. Ingredients :- Fenugreek (T.foenum-graceum) Extract -275mg (Standardized to 50% Saponins) , Gudmar (Gymnema sylvestre) extract 125 mg (standardized to 75% Gymnemic acid) , …

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Nutrela Diabetic Care

Scientifically Formlated Ideal vegetarian Protein blend for women with goodness of superfoods and botanical extracts and 13 natural herbs help to tackle stress, reduce anxiety and promote general well – being, 9 in 1 Support – Bone & Joint Health Heart Health Eye Health Muscle Health Digestive Health Hair & Nail Health Vitality Mood Stabilizer …

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