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Tips To Get Slim

Tips To Get SlimLosing weight can be one of the toughest and irritating thing to do. In our modern technology driven society, everyone wants to have a beautiful slim body but due to some reasons most of the people are overweight. Our eating habits and physical activities are very responsible for this weight problem. Lack of knowledge about planning your diet further increases the problem. If you are facing this problem, we have listed some tips below that can help you achieve the goal of getting slim fit body.

So lets get started :-


1. Eat frequent small meals


People think that that skipping a meal like breakfast can help in losing weight. However, this is not true. Instead, this can lead to gain weight because if you skip a meal, you are likely to overeat at your second meal. For E.g. Skipping your breakfast means you feel lot hungry during lunch. There is high probability that you eat more during afternoon to fulfill your hunger desire. This extra eating adds extra calories to your body leading to weight gain.

On the other hand, body always needs some energy to function whether you are sleeping or doing nothing. So eating frequent small meals ensures that you provide body with calories that it uses at real time for optimal functioning. Hence there is very less probability that your will gain weight. By eating five to six small meals over the day, you boost up your metabolism and hence tend to lose weight.

2. Water


You may not be aware of this fact that lots of us tend to eat while our body is actually thirsty. Water is very important part of our body as 70% of our body weight is due to water only. Water have a great filling effect so try to drink water a minute before your meal. You will feel full so you will eat less. One should consume about 7 – 8 liters of water a day. Our body fats contains about 25% of water in them. Water helps our body to flush the residue left in our cells after fats are burnt. It keeps our body hydrated and clears our skin. So drink as much water as possible.

3. Carry fruits when you go out


Whenever you go out, carry an apple or some slices of papaya or banana or other fruit with you. This is very important step because to you are away from home; you may not have access to your quality food. So, people tend to eat junk foods, snacks and all other high fats unhealthy foods as they are mostly available everywhere. This leads to addition of lots of calories to the body and will increase you weight. So, if you carry fruits with you, eat an apple or papaya whenever you feel hungry. This will not only fill your stomach but will make sure you are not gaining any extra weight.

4. Stop little before you feel full


Eat slowly and chew properly what you are eating. According to doctors, it takes about 15 – 18 minutes for our mind to realize that our stomach is full do not need more. So slow eating ensures that you eat right amount of food. Try to have a check on the portions you eat in your meal. Eating small portions will definitely help you achieving your goal.

5. Avoid sugar


Consuming sugar can lead to weight gain. One of the alternate is use sugar substitutes whenever you need a sweater in the food. Try to avoid cold drinks or soda or any other soft drinks. These usually contain a lot of sugar and a high amount of calories with no nutritional value. Consuming them adds needless calories to your body. Studies show that drinking soda makes body deficient of Vitamin A, magnesium, calcium and other nutrients that are required for weight loss by body.

6. Stop frying, start boiling


Frying food in oil adds calories to your food. Best practice is to bake or boil your food. This ensures to do not pick any extra fats in your diet. Also, whenever you go out to eat in restaurants, ask for food with low calories. Always check the labels or contents chart on the product and choose one that contains low calories.

7. Regular Physical Exercise


Doing physical workout helps a lot in reducing body weight. Moderate jogging or speed walking for about half an hour can burn up to 300 calories. Doing regular workout daily for some time keeps our body fit. It increases metabolic rate of our body which means that our body burns more calories in less time. Doctors says that regular exercise increases your resting metabolic rate which means that your body will burn more calories while sleeping or resting than before. Physical workout breaks out some cells daily and our body utilizes calories while repairing these cells. Beside weight loss, physical exercises have lot of other advantages also.