How To Use Tennis Ball To Get Fit


Workout with tennis ball for flat belly :-
1. Lie down on the floor straight and hold a tennis ball in your hand. Keep your legs and back straight.
2. Raise your torso and both legs up in the air to get your body into V shape. Keeping your torso as steady as possible, get your legs into slow motion like scissor bringing one leg down while taking other leg up at the same time. Keep your abs muscles contracted.
3. As both legs pass each other at the middle, pass the ball from one hand to other between the legs and then back to other hand on second pass.
4. Repeat the process for about 15 – 18 times.


Squat-jumping-catching :- This workout will help you tone your thighs and built strength in lower body. It also helps in weight loss by burning a lot of calories.
1. Stand with a tennis ball in your hand. Toss the ball up in the air.
2. Get down in the position of a squat while the ball is in air. Your thighs should get parallel to the ground. Do not let your keens go past beyond your toes.
3. Get into the standing position slowly and then catch the ball. Toss the ball again and repeat the process about 15 – 20 times.


Little handball game with tennis ball :- This workout will help you burn lots of calories as well as build strength in your legs and arms muscles.
1. Stand in front of a wall with a tennis ball in your hand. Through the ball on to the wall with so that it come back from the wall.
2. As the ball bounces back to you, hit the ball with your open hand as hard as you can. Try to maintain the game for about a minute or as much time as you can.


Tennis ball for stronger fingers and hands :- You can use tennis ball to build strength in your fingers and hands.
1. Take a tennis ball and hold the ball in your right hand palm with an even grip over the entire ball. Applying equal pressure with all fingers, squeeze the ball with full force. Try to hold the grip as long as possible. Release the ball, rest for a while and then again repeat the same process. Switch the hands and repeat the process for 12 – 15 times. This will make the hand muscles strong.

2. Hold together the fingers of right hand and hold the tennis ball with the fingertips and the thumb living the space between the palm and ball. Hold as tight as possible and keep holding for few seconds or as long as possible. Switch the hand and repeat the process about 12 – 15 times.

3. Keep your right palm flat on the table and place the tennis ball in the middle of the palm. Stretch your thumb up and grab the ball with the thumb. Apply as much pressure as possible and hold for about 5 seconds. Switch the hand and repeat the entire process for 12-15 times.

4. Hold the tennis ball with the thumb and first finger of the hand and let the other finger relax. Squeeze the ball with full force. Switch to the middle finger living the first finger and again squeeze. Hold for some time and switch to next finger. Finally hold with your pinky and thumb and let other fingers relax. Switch hand and repeat the entire process again.

5. Place the tennis ball on the table and stabilize it with one hand. Press together the fingers and thumb of your right hand and place them on the top of the tennis ball. Apply full force on the ball through your fingers and thumb. This will help you grow strength in the fingers against the ball’s resistance. Hold the position for as long as possible. Switch the hands and repeat the process.