Yoga and Menopause

Menopause symptoms are very different for different women. Although some have signs it’s an explosion of hot flashes and mood swings. The great news is that yoga may help you walk through your menopausal with comfort and ease. Well yoga expert Ankita Sood tells you the way it contributes to beat the signs of menopause. Memory – You might end up unable to organise ideas on account of the substantial fluctuations in menopause. Postures like the uttanasana and adho mukha svanasana promote deep breathing which subsequently will improve alertness and will improve blood circulation. Flashes – flashes are among the signs of menopause.

You may experience a rapid heartbeat coupled with a rise in core temperature of your body. Asanas such as pawanmuktasana and salambha sarvangasana will cool down your body, bring your temperature of the body. Anxiety and irritability – In menopausal, the oestrogen levels spike causing nervousness and anxiety. Forward bending asanas like pashchimottanasana and prasarita padottanasana will assist reduce mental tension and irritability. Blood circulation wills improve to the brain. Fatigue – During menopausal, you may also feel inexplicably weary for several days. Blame the fatigue on the progesterone levels. Delicate supported backbends such as setubandhasana and supta baddha konasana will open the chest and enhance circulation and respiration, energising your system.

Depression – You may believe psychiatric is the time. This feeling could cause bouts of depression resulting in a drop in the levels or discharge. Yoga is known to help alleviate a mood. Yoga asanas like sukhasana and gomukhasana enhance respiration countering depression. Asanas like apanasana and shavasana will unwind the tense muscles of the body and calms you down. These poses stretch out of the muscles in of the legs and back. Don’t worry if you’ve never practised yoga before.