How To Reduce Thigh Fat Female

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Reducing thigh fats can be a very frustrating and difficult to accomplish. Extra heavy thighs make you look bulky and body out of shape. But, not to worry, you can still lose these extra fats. All you need is good workout and dedication. Here is a list of workouts that can help you burn those butt fats and get back in good shape.

1. Squats using dumbbell : According to professionals, this exercise is most effective in reducing or cutting hips fats or thighs fats. Since these exercise involve complete legs workout, so they also build strength in thighs and legs and makes them strong.

How to execute :

** Stand straight with your feet a little apart from each other. Take dumbbells and hold them in both hands at about shoulders height, on both sides of the body.

** Bend your knees and get down slowly like you sit on chair until your thighs comes parallel to the floor. Try to keep your back straight.

** Put pressure on heels in order to stand back to the original position slowly.

** Repeat these steps for about 12 to 15 times. Take little rest and then do about 3 to 4 sets with same number of repetitions.


2. Lunges : This is one of most challenging and tough exercise. If executed properly, this exercise works on a number of muscle groups like hamstrings, gluts, calves, front and back leg, in a single rep.

How to execute :

** Stand straight with dumbbells in both hands on both sides of your body. With the straight, take your right foot forward at a distance of about 3 feet from left foot. Now, bend your knees and lower your body keeping your back straight and looking forward. Bring your rear knee close to ground but do not touch the floor.

** Hold the position for a second at put pressure on your front knee to get back to the original position.

** Repeat this same process with other leg.

** Do about 12 to 15 repetitions for both legs and you can do 2 to 4 sets of this workout.


3. Step ups : Step ups are also very effective in reducing the thighs or hips fats. Since, this exercise concentrates complete body weight onto one leg, so it makes gluts strong and increase their metabolic rate. There two type of step ups: Side step ups and Crossover step-ups.

How to execute side step ups :

** Get onto the stepper using your left leg. Then step down on the right leg, keeping all weight concentrated on the left leg i.e. leg which is on the stepper.

** Apply the force on the foot which is on the stepper to get back onto the stepper and use other leg to get down.
Repeat this process about 15 to 18 times and do about 2 to 4 sets.


How to execute crossover step ups :

** Cross your right leg over left and place your foot on the stepper. Adjust the height of the stepper such that your thigh comes parallel to the stepper while you are doing this exercise.

** Apply pressure on the right foot that is placed over stepper and take your left foot and place it on the stepper along with other foot.

** Get down on to the floor on your left foot.

** You can perform these repletion for about 10 to 15 times about 3 sets are appropriate.


4. Hip lift on ball : This exercise mainly targets your thighs and buttocks fats.

How to execute :

** Hold some extra weight on your hips if you want, with toes lifted from the ground and knees bend.

** Bring your hip close to the ground without moving the ball. Do not touch ground with your hips.

** Lift your hips by forcing your gluts so that your body gets into a straight line.

** Do about 5 sets with 15 to 20 repetitions in each set.


5. Plyometric Squat : This is another intense exercise that makes your legs strong and is helpful in getting them into shape.

How to execute :

** Bend your knees and get into the position as you are sitting on a chair.

** As your thighs get parallel to ground or little above this level, jump up lifting both hands straight up as you are reaching for something. Land softly on both feet and get into the first position again.

** Repeat this exercise about from 8 to 10 times and try completing 4 sets.


6. Back Kick : This exercise is very effective in shaping your thighs and buttocks. It makes your legs strong.

How to execute :

** Get your weight onto one leg and kick the other leg in the backward direction. Try to keep this leg straight.

** Bend a little in forward direction and use your hips to push your leg in the backward direction. Try to keep your upper body completely stable.

** With your one leg at the back of your body, try to reach your toe that is on the ground. Basic idea behind this is that your hamstrings should feel stretched.

** Hold the position for a second and get back to the original position.

** Repeat this with about 14 to 16 times and you can do about 3 to 5 sets.


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