Weight Loss Tips For Vegetarians

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It is a common thought that vegetarian people are thin and they do not need to lose weight. However this is just a myth. There is a variety of vegetarian foods available that adds lots of calories to your body and can make fat as easily as non-vegetarians. Discipline and consistency is the key to lose weight irrespective of you being vegetarian or non-veg.

We have listed some tips for vegetarians that will help them lose weight effectively :-

Cut high calorie vegetarian foods from the diet chart :- There is lot of high calories vegetarian foods like butter, cheese, milk products that actually adds tremendous amount of calories to your food daily. You must keep one thing in mind before eating them, “will your body consume all the calories that you are taking?” Whenever you eat more calories than your body actually utilizes, then those utilized calories gets stored in the body in the form of fats. The accumulation of these non utilized fats in the body leads to get you overweight or obese. Obesity makes you unhealthy and can invite lot of other problems to the body.


Cut calorie packed beverages :- People tend to grab some beverages when they are free or they get little time at their desk. There are numerous beverages in the market that contain high amount of calories in them. Consuming them can add a lot of calories to your body. So, consciously cut these high calorie beverages with lower calorie ones.


Eat fiber rich food :- Fiber rich food is a great option if you are serious about your weight loss program. When you consume the food that is rich in fiber, it will make you feel full for linger time. So you will not fell hungry and will not eat for longer time. All green vegetables and fruits are rich in dietary fibers and are low in calories. If you wish to have a dessert after the food, pick low fat healthy dessert that do not add do not exceed your calories limit.


Include protein in your diet :- The choice of protein foods for vegetarian people is not much, whereas non-veg people get protein from meat sources that are protein rich. So, add protein rich foods, like beans, to your diet to fulfill your daily proteins requirement. Almonds, nuts and seeds are rich source of proteins and healthy fats. Good healthy fats are required by body for various processes.


Measure your food with a spoon or measuring cups :- Take note of how much food to eat using measuring cups as it will keep a check on the amount of food you take in your plate. Also, it prevents you from overeating.


Prepare your snacks :- These enables you make your own selection to what to add to snacks rather than readymade ones. Prepare your healthy snacks by adding nuts, fresh fruits, popcorns and other low calories stuff. Make small packing to ensure the specific amount of calories you take.


Regular physical workout :- Regular exercise is very important for physical fitness. Doing cardio for about 25 – 30 minutes helps in fat loss. Physical exercises make our muscles healthy. Since, muscles only are fat burning machines in body so muscles health is very important. Regular workout increases the metabolic rate of the muscles. This means you burn more calories even while you are sleeping. Jogging in the garden or open for about 20 minutes is another good activity. If you don’t want to run, go out cycling. It is a complete body exercise and boosts up immune system. If you want fun along with weight loss, start dancing. It will help you a lot. Dancing is fun and you need not follow any particular procedure. Just turn on your stereo and start dancing.


Water :- Water is main constituent of our body as more than 70% of body weight is only due to water. Water helps body to clean the dirt inside the skin. Whenever we do any physical job, body burns calories. Some waste is left after burning calories and body needs water to clean it out. Inadequate supply of water leads to improper burning of fats and lack of moisture in skin and other skin problems. So, doctors recommend taking at least 10 glasses of water a day. Water speeds up metabolism leading to fast fat burning. It also keeps your skin clear.


All these tips will help you a lot in achieving your goal. But, it is suggested to consult your physician and dietician before taking any major step.

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