Fiber Drinks To Lose Weight

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People follow different diet plans in order to Lose Weight but, sometimes they fail to achieve their goal. The reason may be the calories in the liquid you drink. As per fitness experts, watching what you drink is in your glass will help you more than just watching your plate. Most of the popular packed fruit juices, soft drinks and energy drinks contains high amount of calories in the form of sugar which is not good for your health and weight loss plan.


Here is the list of drinks to Lose Weight:

Water: As per experts, water is very helpful in Weight Loss. Doctors suggest drinking 8 glasses of water a day can help you stay fit and lose weight. It is great because it fills our stomach without adding any calories. It also helps our body to clean out all the waste material in the body. Studies show that people usually misinterpret the thirst as hunger. So, people tend to eat while they are actually thirsty. Whenever you feel hungry, drink some water and weight for about 15 minutes. If you still feel hungry, then get a healthy diet. Drinking a glass of water about 5 minutes before your big meal is a great idea. Ice cold water can help you burn more calories than normal water. Studies show that you can burn up to 450 calories a week just by drinking ice cold water. Water also raises the body metabolism help Lose Weight Fast.


Vegetable juice:

Juice extracted from vegetables is a great source of fibers and other nutrients that body requires to boost the weight loss process. Vegetable juice is low in calories and keeps your stomach full for longer time. So, you stay away from food for longer time. If you are going for packed, bottled Vegetable Juice, you should for one having low sodium content.


Green Tea: Green Tea is a healthy drink option for your body. All you need is to keep it sugar free by using sugar free sugar cubes. Herbal tea is a great option for weight loss as you do not need to add sugar. It increases your metabolic rate and leads to lose weight fast. Black tea is filled with antioxidants which keeps you protected from free radicals. Some people use green tea as an alternate of Vegetable Juice to Lose Weight


Skim milk: Non fat or skim milk can help you Lose Weight. Milk is a great source of vitamin D, lean protein and calcium which is very important for bone and muscles strength. Skim milk can boost weight loss if consumed in moderation on daily basis.


Watch video for Vegetable Juice Recipes to Lose Weight

Coconut water :- Coconut water contains large amount of electrolytes without any added artificial flavors or sugar. It is a natural energy drink that speeds up the metabolism of the body. It will also help you stretch your workout and increase intensity by giving you more energy. So, Coconut water can work perfectly along with other Vegetable Juice.


Fruit Juices :- Juice extracted from raw fruits can be great weight loss option. The reason is that about all fruits are rich in fiber. Other than fibers, they also contains large amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If you are going to get a packed fruit juice or bottled juice, you should check the labels. Usually fruit juice in the markets contains high amount of sugar and artificial flavors. So, it is always better to opt for Natural fruit juices.


Stay away from soda or high sugar beverages:

Drinking soda is filled with sugar and empty calories that directly gets deposited under your waist. They contribute to obesity, diabetes, weakened bones and other health related problems and have zero nutritional value. Drinking soda never satisfies your stomach as it always you always feel hungry after you drink it. This leads to over eating and increases in weight. Soda contains elements that deplete the fat burning capacity of your body.


Since vegetables are available around the year. So, drinking vegetable juice to lose weight can be best option.