Types Of Breast Cancer and Their Treatment

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Breast cancer is most common type of cancer among women and there are Types of Breast Cancer. This happens due to excessive and uncontrolled production of abnormal cells in the breast area.

Breast Cancer begins in three parts :-

Milk producing lobules: Milk producing portion of the breast is called lobules. They are further connected to the ducts and fat tissue surroundings.


Milk Ducts: Milk ducts carry milk to the nipple from the lobules. Breast cancer may start originating from these ducts.


Connective tissue: These tissues constitutes of fat, blood vessels and muscles. There are fewer chances of cancer starting from connective tissues.


There are different type’s breast cancers. We have listed some below :-


1. DCIS – Ductal carcinoma in situ: This cancer starts when cells inside some ducts starts turning abnormal. All these effective cells are inside the ducts and do not initially spread all over the breast tissues. This cancer can be called as initial form breast cancer. It is very important to diagnose and this cancer at this stage because it may get intense and incurable within few years. This type of cancer is hard to detect.


Treatment: As per doctors, breast surgery is the major treatment for DCIS. In this type of surgery, the tissues in the affected areas are removed and replaced by healthy tissue wall surrounding. The process is called Wide Local Excision.


2. LCIS – lobular carcinoma in situ :- A women gets affected by LCIS when cells inside the breast lobules gets defected or starts becoming abnormal. These cells are present in the inner lining of lobes. As per doctors, this stage is initial stage of cancer and if not treated for some years can lead to cancer. This type of cancer is very hard to detect and does not show any breast cancer symptoms.


Treatment: As per doctors, there are rare chances of getting this converted to a cancer but you should have your breast examination in every 6 to 12 months and breast x-ray in 1 to 2 years.


3. Invasive ductal breast cancer: This breast cancer, also called as “ductal carcinoma”, is most common type of breast cancer found among women. About 80% of all breast cancer cases are diagnosed for ductal carcinoma. This type of cancers starts duct lines cells of the breast and starts spreading out from there. This type of cancer is easy to detect and have several treatments available for it.


Treatments:- You can have below mentioned breast cancer treatments :-
* Surgery
* Chemotherapy
* Radiotherapy
* Hormone Therapy


4. Invasive lobular breast cancer: This type of cancer starts in the cells outlining lobes of the breast. Cancer starts spreading from these points. About 15% of these cases are found and it can develop in females of any age. This type of cancer is not detected by mammograms and hence it becomes really difficult to diagnose it. It may create a much larger affected area or a large lump or hick tissues deposited in small area.


Treatment: Surgery is most common type of treatment for this type of cancer. Affected cells are removed and replaced by new healthy cells.


5. Inflammatory breast cancer: In this type of cancer, affected tissue of the breast becomes inflamed and they block lymph channels or ducts of the breast. Due to this blockage, the affected area becomes red and swollen. This type of cancer can be painful as breasts gets hot and hard. All these symptoms can appear suddenly.


Treatment: This type of cancer can be detected using breast X-ray. As per doctors, chemotherapy is their first priority in the breast cancer treatment process. If required, it may be followed by surgery.


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