Stop Cheating Your Fat Loss Diet Plan


Sticking to the fat loss diet plan or any particular Weight Loss Diet Plan is quite a challenge. Fat loss diets are diets with low carb value so you and you need to exclude most of the foods containing sugar and starchy carbs. So, it becomes difficult to avoid your favorite foods or snacks.


Cheating with your Fat Loss Diet Plan:

1. Instead of cut cutting off your favorite treats from your diet, enjoy your treat once in a while. Decide a day in a week when you will be eating your delicious treat. This will not only make you feel satisfied but also help you from feeling deprived. Eating a piece of chocolate once in awhile on your decided day will make you feel satisfied rather than cheating your Fat Loss Diet while you are alone.


2. Fill your kitchen with healthy foods. So, you will grab healthy food every time you decide to eat at your home. If you have some tempting foods stored in your house for some special occasion, store them away from your sight. Another alternate to this is to buy these foods when the occasion is very close. Send all the left behind food along with those guests and make sure no such food is left behind. This will definitely prevent you from cheating your Fat Loss Diets.

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3. Choose your mates consciously as there are people who do not walk alone to the canteen for eating. They always search for a person to give them company and eat with them when they are hungry. Also be aware of the friends who forces you eat portion of Pizza or chocolate filled with lots of sugar which is unhealthy. Just refuse to go with them or just say no. Get together with them for a walk around or some outdoor game or anything that do not involve eating.


4. Give rewards to yourself every time you get success in stopping yourself from cheating your fat loss diet. Make a separate account and save all the money that you would otherwise had spend on high calorie bad foods. Count the calories you take every day and try to maintain the balance.


5. Visualize yourself as a person you will become after following your Best Fat loss Diet Plan. Take your photographs from different angles in which you look slimmer than what you are at present. Place these pictures at places where you can see them or place where you put your eating stuff. Doing this will not only motivate you for carrying on but also prevent you from cheating.


6. Tell your friends and colleagues that you are trying to get in shape so you are changing your eating habits. Allow them to stop you from eating bad foods or at least remind you when you they find you going off track with your fat loss diet plan. Usually your best friends will do this happily for you. They will not only stop you from eating wrong but will also encourage you to go on to achieve your weight loss goal.


7. Keep track of calories you are consuming. Try to take a note of everything that you eat. Sometimes we eat without noticing because of absence of mind or stress. Try to consciously note that down. Also, if you are aware of how much extra calories you consumed, you can do little extra physical workout that will compensate. Try to stay stress free and happy.


8. In spite of all our attempts to stick to the proper diet, sometimes we get off track and can’t resist eating some things. So, whenever you face such a situation, try to limit your intake to the smallest portion available. This will reduce the risk and will satisfy you.


9. Always keep a water bottle close to you. Drink water every time you think about eating other than your actual eating time in diet plan. Water is great filler and will help you a lot in the process. You can also drink vegetable juices if you want as they are low in calories and have high fiber content. Make high fiber food stuff as permanent part of your fat loss diet plan.


10. Do physical activities that are fun to do like dancing. Dancing is not only fun but it also burns a lot of calories. You do not need to follow step by step execution. You can just start anywhere anytime. It will help you a lot to stay in good shape.


If followed sincerely, above mentioned suggestions can help you to avoid cheating your Fat Loss Diet Plan and lead a healthy happy life.