Sprinting For Weight Loss

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Want to lose weight fast? Fitness experts suggests Sprinting For Weight Loss. Being a high intensity form of physical workout, sprinting makes your muscles work hard and so they burn more calories in less time. Also, burning of calories continues even after the workout. It raises the body metabolism and helps to burn calories faster as compared to other low intensity workouts. Therefore, many trainers include Sprinting for Fat Loss training.


Why Sprinting For Weight Loss?

When you run will your full strength or do sprinting for small time intervals, you take long deep breaths as body asks for more oxygen. These deep breathing increases the level of oxygen being carried in the blood to all your body muscles helping to detoxify your body. Sprinting makes your muscles strong and raises your body metabolism as well as heart rate. Sprinting for small time intervals tends to raise your heart rate more effectively as compared to all low intensity workouts. It also helps you gain lean muscles which again helps in Weight Loss and boosts up your cardiovascular endurance.


How to do Sprinting For Weight Loss?

It is very important to get your body muscles warmed up before you for full intensity sprinting. Stretch your muscles a bit and Start running at lower pace for 3 – 5 minutes until you feel warmth in your muscles. Your heart will start beating faster than normal and it will draw proper blood supply the required muscles. After a proper warm up, you are ready to fire your muscles.

Once you start running, give your full strength into it and try running as fast as you can. You would not be able to maintain the pace for long time in the beginning but that it alright for a beginner. The key is to run hard for whatever time you can.

The point you feel you cannot sprint, slow down and start jogging slowly. Do not stand or sit immediately after stopping. Continue jogging slowly until you breadth as well as your heart rate slows down to near about normal just to recover a bit.

Again sprint with full strength for short time. Repeat the entire process as above.


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Some other benefits of Sprinting For Weight Loss

Intense training for short time intervals are much beneficial than low intensity workout. As compared to low intensity long workouts which takes lot of time, sprinting may need about 30 minutes time at once. As per fitness experts, you can lose enough weight by sprinting 3 to 5 times per week. This is much more effective than low intensity training.

Intense interval training helps to build lean muscles. Muscles are actually the machines that burn the calories. Building up muscles increases the pace of Weight Loss process. While, low intensity workouts are not much effective in building lean muscles.

Sprinting increases overall body fitness level. Since about all major body muscle group are involved during hard running, endurance is developed in the body. It makes our heart strong, increases stamina, strengthens our immune system, strengthens our lungs and improves blood circulation in the body.


Other important things

In order to get full advantage and maximum results out of your Sprinting For Weight Loss, you also need to do some changes in your daily diet plan. Your diet should contain right amount of calories, proteins and good fats so that you get enough power to run properly. Include nuts, almonds or other foods that contain good fats. These fats are required by the body and will provide you consistent energy supply for longer duration.

Also, include fruits as well as green leafy vegetables in your diet. Green vegetables and fruits are rich source of fibers, vitamins, mineralsĀ and antioxidants. They are low in calories and keep your digestive system up to par.

Increase your water intake. As per experts, a person should drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Our body weight is mostly due to water and it helps body to flush out the toxins and dirt left in the body. Fats are 25% water. So, drinking right amount of water is necessary for Fat Loss process.

Sleep for about 8 hours in a day as proper sleeping in very important after such intense strength workouts. Body repairs the damaged cells during sleep and your muscles get fresh and ready for next day.


At last, sprinting involves about all major muscles groups in the body. So, Sprinting For Weight Loss can give you great results.