Common Sexual Problems In Women

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There are various common sexual problems in women that are experienced by a couple during the sexual intercourse. Female sexual problems prevent couples from experiencing sexual satisfaction during sexual response cycle of sexual intercourse. This is common among couples but in spite of this they are hesitant to talk about these sexual problems in females with anyone. As per doctors, most of the time these Sexual Problems are curable, so it is important to discuss the problem with your partner and later with doctor.


Causes of Sexual Problems in Women

There are several physical as well as physiological causes responsible for sexual problems :-


Physical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, some hormonal imbalance, kidney disease, menopause, excess alcohol consumption, drug addiction etc are some of the causes that really lead to the origination of sexual problems and sexual dissatisfaction.


Psychological conditions include mental stress, depression, tension due to office work; some relationship problem, emotional problems, memories of bad sexual encounters in past etc are also responsible for female sexual problems.


People are affected by these problems equally irrespective of their gender and these usually happen in adults of every age.


Common Sexual Problems in Women


1. Lack of orgasm :- Lack of sexual climax (orgasm) in an intercourse may be due to lack of experience, feeling of guilt in some cases, over anxiety, sexual abuse or may be due to lack of sexual desire. Some diseases or medical conditions may also be the factor.


2. Inability to become aroused :- As per doctors, insufficient lubrication in vagina is mainly the cause of the inability to get aroused. Lack of foreplay before the sex can be another cause of sexual problems in females.


3. Lack of sexual desire :- Lack of sexual desire is one cause of sexual dysfunction. Medical conditions like cancer, stress or muscles fatigue due to hard work, hormonal imbalance etc are some reasons that leads to lack of desire. Some adults are so indulged in building up their carrier that they don’t think about having sex.


4. Painful intercourse :- There may be a number of reasons behind the pain during intercourse. Problems like pelvic mass, poor lubrication, endometriosis, some sexually transmitted disease etc may be some of the causes of sexual problems in females.


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Tips that helps in treating Sexual Problems in Women


1. Educating your partner :- Most of the problems are due to insufficient or somewhat incorrect knowledge about the human anatomy or sexual functioning of the bodies. So, educating your partner about sexual behavior, changes that comes due to aging, and other aspects related to reproductive system can help your partner to overcome their anxieties.


2. Enhance stimulation :- There are several things you can do to enhance stimulation among your partner. Some changes in your sexual routine, or masturbation or increasing foreplay time will help.


3. Minimize pain :- Pain during sex can be a great obstruction in sexual satisfaction when it is only due to improper sex. Try the position that does not hurt your partner. Encourage the position in which females could control the penetration depth. Lubricating the vaginal area properly can help you reduce the pain as lubricants reduce the pain due to friction.


4. Non-coital play :- Sexual play without intercourse like sensual massage, playing with the body or some other sensual activity can set up a comfort level between two partners and can help you cure sexual problems in women due to lack of non-coital play.


In order to spend a happy satisfied sexual life, you must talk to your partner. Open communication among both partners is must if you want to get rid of these common sexual problems in women.