Easy Weight Loss Tips For Women

easy and fast weight loss tips

Trying to cut extra fat in the body. Here are some steps that can help you achieve what you want :-

 1. Don’t skip breakfast :- Breakfast provides the calories required by the body to start different operations from the starting of the day. So, skipping your breakfast makes you energy deficient form starting of your day. It will not help you lose weigh, in fact body will hold the fats since it will sense the inadequate supply of calories .Also, skipping your breakfast is not good even from your health point of view. It may make you feel lazy and always running out of energy.


2. Eat slowly :- Try to eat slowly and chew all your food properly. Slow eating ensures that you stop eating at right time and so prevent you from overeating. Once the stomach is full, it takes about 15 – 20 minutes to reach this message to brain that it is full. So, if you eat slowly, you are more likely to avoid over eating.


3. Do not completely cut away a food :- People tend to cut their favorite foods from their weight loss diet chart because these foods contain little more calories than you need. This is OK but you will lose interest in your diet very soon. So, it is always better to reduce the size of the serving rather than just removing the food from your list. That way not only you will enjoy your food but you will be able to lose weight also.


4. Visualize :- Along with continuous efforts, visualize yourself in the ideal looks or shapes you want yourself to be. Imagine how your favorite dress will fit you once you achieve your slimming goal. This will motivate you a lot to go on and will keep you happy.


5. Monitor you eating habits :- Always keep a page or small diary in your pocket. Whenever you eat something, just note it down. You can have a list of foods along with their calorie amount and other nutritional values. It will make it easy to select a particular food that fits your diet chart when you go out. Also, you can calculate your entire day consumption in the evening and can make further changes required.


6. Go out for shopping after you eat :- Avoid going out to buy your eatables for the kitchen with empty stomach. There is fair chance that you end up eating out there. This out of routine eating will hamper your fat loss progress.


7. Eat less salt :- All the processed foods, packed chips, pickles etc. contains high amount of sodium in them. Basically sodium is used to preserve these foods. High sodium intake will lead to extra retention of water in the body. This extra water in body may make you look bloated. So, try avoiding high sodium products.


8. Include good fats :- Good fats are required by the body for various important operations. They provide long lasting energy by breaking down slowly and also assist in the weight loss process. These are obtained from nuts, olives, Avocados, canola etc. On the other hands bad fats obtained from butter, margarine etc. are not good for health as they gets deposited under skin layer and are never used by body.


9. Include quality carbs :- Your diet should contain right amount of good carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide the essential energy for optimal functioning of body parts. But bad carbohydrates or sugary carbs provide you instant energy but your energy level declines to previous level within sometime of consumption. These also increase the blood sugar level that leads to fat deposition in body. On the other hand good carbohydrates or complex carbs serves as long lasting energy source as they breaks down slowly providing a continuous flow of energy in the body.


10. Daily physical workout :- If you are try to lose weight, your aim is to lose as many calories as possible. So, you do not need a particular set of exercises to perform. If you do walk daily for 20 – 30 minutes, you can just add a little intensity to it by speeding up your walking or just start jogging. Cycling is another great alternate that can help your purpose. You can add some small intense workout to fire up your metabolism. 2 – 3 sets of squats can really make your muscles work hard and so burn more calories in the process. Proper warm-up prior to strength training is must to prevent any type of muscle injury.

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