How to Prevent Weight Gain in office


People wonder how to Prevent Weight Gain in office. People having sitting jobs at their work or professionals who work for longer time on their computers mostly gains weight. This comes as a surprise for some people as they found pounds adding to their body without being noticed due to their busy schedule. Here are some tips that can help you in Weight Gain Prevention :-


** Do not keep soda or any sugary drink in your storage or on your desk. These drinks contain lots of calories. They are really tempting so there is maximum probability that you consume them. They add a lot of calories and these unused calories increases weight. Also, sugar contained in these soft drinks tends to raise the sugar level in the blood. This also leads to weight gain. Leaving these habits is hard at starting, so you can replace your soft drink with a coffee cup or a tea cup. These will help you stay away from those unwanted calories and prevent weight gain.


** Always keep full water bottle on your desk in your arm reach. Drink lot of water over the day. This will keep you full and prevent you from eating. Since, water does not contain calories. So, you fill your stomach without adding any calories to your body. Fats also contain 25% of water in them so they are water soluble and help to increase the metabolism of the body. Drinking more water will also force you to go to toilet frequently. This little activity will also help you to burn calories. So, water is great for weight gain prevention.


** Another “weight gain prevention” is avoid candy. People tend to eat candies while they are hungry. They do not satisfy your hunger appetitive and you tend to eat more and more every time. So, it is much better to carry a chewing gum or some dried fruit with you. Eating dried fruits will help you fill your stomach with quality nutrients and fewer calories. Also, chewing gum will help you suppress your hunger and prevent weight gain.


** Be physically active. Whenever you find some free time, just get up from your desk and start walking around. Walking is a great physical activity that burns lot of calories. Get up a run to the washroom. Come back to the desk sprinting. All these small physical activities will contribute to weight loss. Use stairs instead of elevator whenever you have a choice. During your tea time, spare some time and go down stairs and come up several times. Stay inactive mode and do small physical activities like raising your legs above the ground while sitting on the chair or roll your neck or move your body side wise after every 15 – 20 minutes. Set a reminder alarm that remind you every 20 minutes about somebody moves you need to do. You can also use an iPod for music. Put on your headphones and move your body with music while sitting on the chair. Such physical activities will help you to prevent weight gain.


** If you are working on static task, you can do it while standing rather than sitting all the time. This will make you do some physical moves while you are standing. Put your weight on one leg for a while and then shift to other leg. You can also use an exercise ball instead of a comfortable chair. Sitting on the ball will force you do some work to keep you balanced on the ball. This will keep your muscles active and will prevent weight gain.


** Take a walk for 5 minutes before or after lunch or after the office or at your tea time. Get out of your office building and walk around with friends for a while. Walking is great Weight Gain Prevention. Play some games that involve some physical work. If you have your office near your residence, you can go office by walk. Use your bicycle instead of car for going to your nearby office. Cycling is an overall body exercise that involves total body parts.


** Always take your lunch with you. Lunch brought from a restaurant or a canteen usually contains high amount of calories or fats in them. Whenever you prepare a lunch for yourself, you always know exactly what you have in your food, amount of fats, calories, carbs etc. So, you can limit your calories consumption every time you bring lunch with you. Also, you have choice to include some other healthy foods and a small variety of fruits to your lunch. Adding some nuts, green vegetables as well as fruits will make it healthy, low calories balanced diet. Always pack enough food to satisfy your hunger.


** Write your weight loss goals and inspiring quotes and paste them in front of you where you can see it. Weight loss goal motivates you to be active and thus prevent weight gain. This will remind you every time about your goal and will help you keep on track. Keep yourself in a happy and stress free mode and enjoy your life.