Lose Thigh Fats

thigh fat loss workout

Losing fats on your buttocks can be one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. Lean and strong buttocks are considered as a sign of healthy body. Carrying too many fats on your make makes them appear out of shape and looks bad. If you want to get rid of these extra fats, there are several changes that you need to make in your living and eating style.


We have listed some of them below


1. Body Workout :- There are several floor exercises that are very effective in reducing buttocks fats. Hip abductions and hip extensions are among most popular back exercises that really work.


I) Extension :- Sit down on your knees and put your hands against floor with a straight back. Look forward in straight direction.
Move of leg slowly backwards away from your chest until it gets straight.
Bring it back to previous position.
Repeat this with the other leg. This exercise can be done for about 8 to 10 minutes.


II) Hip Abduction :- Lie down on the floor with your face and body towards right or left making perpendicular with floor.
You can use your hand to support your neck. Pick your upper leg in upward direction as high as you can.
Then slowly bring it down.
Do this exercise for about 5 minutes for each side. This is very good for reducing fats.


2. Eat healthy food :- Always select low calorie, high fiber foods for your daily diet. Fats get deposited in the body due to non utilization of the calories that we consume. When we eat high calorie diet and we eat more than what our body uses, we tend to gain weight. In our advanced modern society, we do very less physical work as most of heavy work is handles by machines. Since we just eat and do not really do any kind of physical work, body only burns the calories that are required for its functioning as well as small physical tasks that we do. So lots of unused calories gets deposited inside converting to fats.

So, add high fiber, low calories food to your diet. Include green leafy vegetables in your diet. These vegetables have very less calories and they have minerals and vitamins that are essential for weight loss process. Fruits like apple, papaya also contain fibers and they fill our stomach without adding many calories to your daily diet.

3. Hiking :– Climbing to some high places like mountains burns a lot of calories. Moreover, this develops a lot of strength in your thighs and buttocks muscles. Hiking to high altitudes requires lots of calories. So, while you are climbing, body tends to burn the calories available. But once the available calories get consumed, body goes for stored energy i.e. body starts extracting calories from energy store house or fats in the body. Since hiking increases the metabolic rate of these muscles, so body starts burning these fats at even greater pace than usual. So hiking is useful for losing overall body fats.

Note :- If you thinking of trying this, you must consult your doctor just to check your physical fitness level for this exercise.


4. Cycling, Running or speed walking :- Cycling is one of the most efficient ways to burn extra calories and improve overall body health. Cycling works on the both the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles making it complete leg workout. This exercise works efficiently on abdominals and back muscles. This exercise not only brings the legs in shape but also increases the metabolic rate of these muscles. So, muscles tend to burn more calories while we are even resting or sleeping. Running or speed walking is another good workout for entire legs and your buttocks muscles. Speed walking for about 30 minutes a day can be very helpful in reducing buttocks fats. Speed walking enhances the metabolic rate of hip muscles. It also tones your buttocks and helps them in getting in good shape by toning them.


5. Drink lot of Water :- Water is a major content of your body cells. About 70% of your lean muscle wait is due to water. Also, water has great filling effect. Since water does not contain any calories, it fills our stomach without adding any calories. Consuming a glass of water 2 minutes prior to taking your meal is good practice. Water carries out the entire residue left out in the muscles after burning the fats. Thus it cleans the body muscles supporting the fat burning process.

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