Tips To Prevent Wrinkles

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Wrinkles may be defined as the lines on the face or any other body part. These lines can be deep or fine and depends on the age of the person in most cases. The main cause behind the formation of wrinkle is the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin which leads to the loss of tightness causing sagginess. Other factors that contribute to the situation are over exposure to sun, excessive smoking as well as pollution in the environment which can cause premature aging. Other gestures and facial movements like as frowning, continuous smiling, squinting or any other facial expression that creates folds on face can lead to creation of lines on the face. With the increase in age of a person, fine lines on the face starts getting deeper forming deep grooves or creases. Visible crease starting from the nose base and ending up at the end corner of the mouth are termed as nasolabial folds and they form parentheses shape. It is true that you cannot completely remove or stop the crease formation but you can prevent them up to some extent.


Here are some tips on How to Prevent Wrinkles


Stop Smoking

As per doctors and skin experts, avoiding smoking can help you prevent wrinkle formation. How? Whenever your smoke a cigarette, you have pucker your lips in order to suck the smoke. When you smoke over and over again, you continuously pucker your lips for years which lead to the formation of these creases around your lip area and mouth. Not only for your beauty, it is bad for your health too. Smoking stimulates the formation of free radicals in the body which are responsible for premature aging. So, if you seriously want to look young for longer time as well as don’t want premature aging, than you need to stop smoking for your good.

Avoid sun

Sun light contain UV rays that are harmful for your skin health. So, try to protect your visible parts from UV rays. These rays can damage the cells to a great extent and can cause the deterioration of collagen under the skin layer. Collagen is mainly responsible for tightness and smoothness. Deterioration of this element leads to the sagginess and folds on the face and other body areas. So, always wear sunscreen (SP15) before going out in the sun. Also, wear full sleeves and cover every visible part to protect from UV rays. Protecting yourself from sun can help you avoid wrinkles.

Exfoliate on regular basis

It is very important to exfoliate the skin on regular basis in order to get rid of dead layer of cells and avoid lines on face. Some beauty experts suggest following the practice twice a week to keep face glowing. Since creases first starts forming around lips, nose and eyes, so keeping these areas fully moisturized can help a lot. Exfoliation on the regular basis helps to get rid of dead cells, dry layer as well any previous makeover left on the face. Getting rid of old layers brings up the new fresh and healthy layer. Always remember to nourish your skin with natural beauty supplements and homemade beauty products containing the essential nutrients for your skin. This will help you immensely in keeping the wrinkles away.

Avoid Chewing gum

People who have the habit or chewing gum on regular basis develop lines on face around the mouth. Regular chewing leads to over use of the jaw muscles leading to braking down of support tissues. This results in the lack of elasticity in the muscles leading to the wrinkles around lips and mouth. So, it is better to get rid of the habit of chewing gum.

Facial Stretches

To keep your face muscles toned, do some facial stretches. It will help you to maintain elasticity as well as proper supply of blood and oxygen to the face. Along with stretches, maintain a balanced diet routine. Combining both together can help you maintain face glow and can avoid lines on face for longer time.


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