How To Avoid Heart Problems

what really causes heart disease

Heart is most important part of the body as it is responsible for circulating blood in entire body. Healthy the heart, better will be the blood circulation in the body. Heart consists of very thin skin membrane and is present at left side close to chest center. It consists of two portions. One portion is separated by a wall that prevents the oxygen rich blood from getting mixed with the impure oxygen deficient blood which is carried to the heart through veins from different parts of body. So, it is very important to take care of your heart.


Causes of heart disease :-

1. Heredity :- If some have heart problem in their blood relations, there is probability of heart disease in that person. These diseases run in family.

2. Obesity :- Excess fats in body or obesity is another reason for heart problems.

3. High Cholesterol level :- Cholesterol is made up of the saturated fats that we consume and it is the job of our liver to produce cholesterol in the body. If cholesterol level in your blood is high, then you can get heart problems. So eat low cholesterol diets for a healthy heart always.

4. Tobacco :- People who smoke or who consume tobacco in any form are at risk of heart disease. Cigarettes smoke produces nicotine and carbon monoxide which puts a lot of stress on your heart leading to heart problems. Consuming tobacco may lead to cancer in the body. So quit smoking Cigarettes, so as soon a possible.

5. High blood pressure :- It puts a lot of stress your heart which can lead to heart disease.

6. Lack of physical workout or regular workout.


Tips for heart health :-

1. Eat diet with less carbohydrates :- As per doctors, diet that is rich in carbs leads to heart disease. Foods like white bread, corn flakes etc that are high in carbs increases the risk of heart disease. These foods tend to put stress on the arteries. So, consume food that is low in carbs but high in protein. Proteins are primary requirement as body uses protein to create new cells and blood. Avoid food fried in oil or other oil containing stuff.


2. No smoking :- Studies shows that smoking is the worst enemy of heart. Studies show that people who smoke are 70% more at risk of heart disease rather than non-smokers. So, it’s better to quit smoking.


3. Regular exercise :- Regular workout is very crucial for good health. Doctors suggest that about 20 to 30 minutes of workout a day makes you heart healthy and strong. It maintains your heart rate to about 70% of the maximum heart rate. Along with this, regular exercise also has other health benefits. It makes the muscles strong and enhances the oxygen consuming capacity of the body.


4. Avoid Stress and depression :- Studies shows that people who stays depressed or usually tends to be in tension and more at risk of getting heart disease. Tension or mental stress may trigger conditions like high blood pressure, increase in the cholesterol level, obesity or physical inactivity of the person. So, try to pin point the cause of your stress. Once the problem is identified, get a proper solution for it and consult the concerned person to get it done. Relax, sit comfortably and take 5 – 6 deep breaths. Calm down your mind and steady your heart rate. Keep yourself happy by remembering the happy moments or plan to celebrate the upcoming occasions. This will help you a lot and keep your heart healthy.


5. Visit your doctor regularly :- In order to ensure that you heart is completely fit and healthy, visit your doctor for check up once in the 4 – 6 months. Get complete check up, like cholesterol level, blood pressure etc, and ask doctors for suggestions for healthy leaving. Try to maintain healthy body weight and get involved regularly in the outdoor games.