Tips To Get Lean Muscle

how to get lean muscle not bulky

Why to gain lean muscle mass ? Whenever people talk about muscles, the only thing comes to mind is males in gym with big bodies. It is equally important for females to have lean mass as for males. More muscles mean higher metabolic rate, strong physic and optimal Women Fitness. Muscles matter similarly in case of women as in men. More muscles mean grater calories gets burnt. It also builds up strong physic. We have listed some tips to gain lean body muscles.


Below are some tips that can help

Weight Training :- In order to gain lean muscle, you need to lift weights. It is generally thought that females need to do more repetitions with less weight to gain some ripped mass. However, this is not true as each person trying to build up good mass needs to lift free weights. Weight training is not only the fastest way to get lean muscles but it also makes your body strong. It boosts up the body metabolism and help in loosing fats fast. Before starting this weight training, you must discuss with your trainer regarding the workout and your workout routine.

Proper rest :- It is vital to take proper rest if you seriously want to gain lean muscle. Tissue breaks down after every intense workout. When we take rest, broken tissues gets replaced and repaired in the body and all body parts recover themselves from the fatigue due to those hard exercise sessions. So, it is very important sleep for about 8 hours each day for optimal Women Fitness. After the rest, your system gets ready for next workout.

Include proteins :- Proteins are most important when it comes to lean mass gain. Pure muscle mass consist of protein. So, it is very important to have right amount of protein in your daily diet. Beans, milk, yogurt, tofu, cereals, grains etc are good source of proteins.

Check your fats intake and fat percentage in body :- Stay away from bad fats. Fats contained in fried foods, junk foods, butter etc are bad fats. So, it is very important to cut bad fats in order to gain lean muscle as bat fat products can lead you to gain weight. They can lead to weight gain and prevent from gaining lean muscles. On the other hand, good fats are required by the body. These fats when burnt provide long lasting energy to the body. Since these fats get utilized, they are less likely to harm the process. Get a fat analyzer to measure the amount of fat under your skin, once in two weeks period. As per fitness experts, 15 to 20 percent fat is great for perfect women fitness.

 Water :- Drink plenty of water per day as 70 percent of our weight is due to water only. It keeps your skin hydrated from inside. Even fats are 25 percent water. When our system burns fat, it leaves some waste or residue behind. This left waste can be dangerous and need to disposed. Our internal system utilizes water to flush this waste out. So, it keeps your body clean, helps to gain lean muscle and keep boosts the metabolic system. This keeps your system active as well as in the continuous calorie burning process. Also, water keeps skin clear and free from problems like acne, pimples etc.

Avoid alcohol, smoking :- People who are drink alcohol in excess are more likely to get bulky and stop you gain lean muscle mass. Smoking is not good for women fitness and has bad effects on the overall health and increases the risk obesity, cancers and heart diseases. So, it is better to cut off excess smoking as well as alcohol consumption.

Avoid beverages containing sugar :- Cold drinks, bears, soda etc contains high amount of sugary calories. Any individual who want to gain lean muscle should stop consuming these beverages. High amount of empty calories present in these beverages leads to extra weight gain. Also, the sugar contained in them increases the sugar level in your blood which in turns leads to fat deposition. So, it is better to avoid them.


At the end, everything mentioned above requires discipline and determination. Remember, No pain No gain. If you really want to achieve optimal women fitness level, you need to gain lean muscle mass and get rid of fat.

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