Outdoor Alternatives For Your Gym Routine

gym alternative workouts

People force themselves to go to gym in order to stay fit. You may want to enjoy evening in the open air but you cannot skip the gym. Do not worry, we have a list of that you can do outdoor in open and are good alternate of your gym workout routine.


1. Indoor workout: Treadmill

Alternative: Speed walking

Start with walking at a moderate speed just for the warm up. As you feel blood running in your legs and heart beat raised, increase your walking speed and start speed walking. Carry on for 2 – 3 minutes and then slow down to moderate speed. Let your heart rate stabilize a bit and recover. Again speed up and repeat the same process again. Continue as long as you can as it can burn lots of calories as well as build strength in lower body muscles.


2. Indoor workout: Abs Machines

Alternative: Paddle surfing in standing position

This is a great workout for abdominal muscles. All you need is a surfing board, paddle and steady water. If you are beginner, you should select a wider board in order to maintain the balance. As you learn to maintain balance, you can use a narrow board. This exercise is a perfect fat burner as it puts a lot of pressure on your abs and burns a lot of calories.


3. Indoor workout: Spinning in gym

Alternative: Cycling

You can get similar results or may be more by cycling outdoor rather than spinning in gym. Ask your friends for a ride. As per fitness experts, cycling for 30 minutes for about 2 – 3 times a week can keep you fit and in shape. Cycling is known to strengthen the heart, lungs, thighs, calves and lower back muscles. It raises overall body metabolism and burns lots of calories, tones your legs and keeps you in good shape. It builds up stamina as well as endurance in the body. Other than workout, it is fun with friends. You also get the benefits of open air and set a happy mood.


4. Indoor workout: Cardio Wave in gym

Alternative: Rollerblading

Rollerblading is similar to Cardio Wave workout in the gym as it involves same muscles and similar moves. Rollerblading have an advantage of being an open air game or workout. This physical activity works on your glutes, legs and some other lower body muscles. You can struggle to balance yourself in the beginning but once you learn to balance, you will enjoy the workout. You will be able to burn lot more calories if you learn to engage right muscles while rolling. In order to reduce the risk of getting hurt, you must wear a helmet, wrist guards and knee guards.


5. Indoor workout: Step Mill

Alternative: Hiking

Hiking is another great high intensity workout that gives you more benefits than step mill workout in the gym. Hiking can be fun and you can enjoy beauty of nature just by selecting beautiful hiking spots. This way you will be able to burn out lots and lots of calories as well as you get fresh air. This exercise works on your thighs, calves, abs and hips. Other than building strength in these areas, hiking makes your heart strong.


6. Indoor workout: Chest Press

Alternative: Bench Pushups in open

You can use your park sitting bench for pushups which will give you similar results like workout on chest press machines. You just need to place your palms on the bench and toes on the ground in the park and get into the push-up position. Bend your elbows and let your chin come close to the bench surface. Do not allow your chest or chin to touch the bench. Again raise the body up until your arms get straight. Repeat the process as many times as your body allows. This exercise will tone your arms, shoulder muscles and your chest as well.