Fitness Tips For Women Over 40


Once the women cross their 40’s, they slowly start loosing the muscles and energy in their body. It becomes little harder for them to lose or maintain their body weight. This happens due to the reason that their metabolism starts slowing down.


But still you can maintain good health by following some simple tips :-


Keep yourself moving :- Whenever you find little time, use your stairs as your fitness track. Move to the top stair and then quickly move to bottom stair. It will help you burn calories, makes your muscles strenghty and helps to lose fats.


Resistance training :- Resistance training is very important to maintain and gain lean muscle mass. Intense training in short bursts actually helps in this age. Here are some exercises :-


1. Squat Jump :- Stand straight, bend your knees with straight back until you get in the position like you are sitting on the chair. Jump upward with full power stretching your body completely stretching your arms. Return back to the squat position as you touch the ground. You can intensify your workout as per your body allows. Start with 20 seconds of workout in a set. Do not relax for more than 15 seconds between two sets. You can do about 10 – 12 sets in one workout.


2. Push-ups :- Lie down on the floor with your stomach and chest towards floor. Keep your body straight. Place your palms against the floor and apply force to raise your body up on palms until arms straighten.Keep your body weight completely on your palms and toes and keep your body straight in one line. Bend your elbows and get your body down little above the floor without touching it. Again raise your body and repeat the process. You can do as much push-ups as your body allows. Do not rest for more than 30 seconds between sets and do about 3 – 6 sets in a workout.


3. Dead Lifts :- Pick up the barbell in both hands at a distance of shoulder width.Bend your knees and get down while try to keep you back as straight as possible. Get your hips parallel to ground and then lift up looking forward straight. Stretch yourself completely upwards by pushing out your chest. Release and get back your thighs parallel to ground. Dead lifts are very good as it utilizes overall body muscles.


Cardio :- Regular cardio for about 20 – 30 minutes a day helps you keep your weight in check. Speed walking in your nearby garden can keep you fit. It helps you boost up your immune system and also burns a lot of calories. It helps maintain health muscles. So, it helps in fat loss. Cycling is another grate workout for whole body.


Balanced Diet :- Your diet should be rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Include a variety of green vegetables in your diet. Vegetables are rich in nutrients and low in calories. So, they do not add up many calories and keep digestive system up to par. Include fruits in your diet plan as they are rich source of vitamins and antioxidants. Avoid food that is high in fats or junk foods that contains high amount of calories. Food fried in oil is another type that should be avoided. It is good to add some healthy fats to your diet like nuts, olive etc.


Small portions of meal :- Eat about 4 – 5 small meals a day rather than 3 heavy meals. Small meals will keep your digestive system work properly without putting in extra stress and helps body metabolism to burn calories regularly. Eat little less than you actually desire to.


Excessive smoking or drinking :- Studies show that people who smoke tends to gain weight. Risk increases as you get over 40. Smoking also increases the risk of breast cancer in women. Excessive drinking also leads to obesity. They add a lot of calories to your body and these unused extra calories get converted to fats.


Drink water :- This is most important and each should consume about 8 glasses daily. Water is very important part of muscles and required by the body to keep itself clean from inside. Water constitutes 70% weight of our lean muscles. Even fats are 25% water. Adequate supply of water helps in boosting body metabolism. Also, water helps you control your hunger due to its grate filling property. It helps to keep your skin clear.

Most of all, it is very important to be happy and enjoy the life.