Exercises For Strong Bones

how to get strong bones

Our bones are constantly changing with the age and old bones are replaced by new ones. With the growth in age, bones start to grow weak. 99 percent of body calcium is stored in bones. Calcium is very important and is used by body for proper functioning of muscles and nerves. We only get calcium through our food or other things we eat as body do not produce calcium by itself. Inadequate supply of calcium means body will utilize the bones calcium. As women gets over 30, body starts losing the bone mass more rapidly than the rate of at which body replaces it. This increases the risk of getting effected by Osteoporosis. Women are more likely to be affected earlier than men as their bones are smaller and thinner than men.

So, in order to keep your bones stronger include enough calcium and vitamin D in your daily diet. As per researches, people below 50 needs about 1000 mg of calcium along with about 500 – 800 IU of vitamin D on daily basis. Regular exercise is must in order to make you bones healthy. Any workout or exercise that stimulates the bones will increase the bones mass and makes them stronger. Both weights bearing exercise and resistance workout is known to build the bone strength.


Here are some exercises that help :-


High impact weight bearing workout

how to improve bone strength

1. Dancing :- This is a complete body workout and you do not need to follow any particular procedure. Just turn ON your sound system and start dancing. This makes your bones stronger. Other than this, dance helps you stay fit and in shape, increases the metabolic rate and blood circulation throughout the body.


2. Speed walking :- This is another high impact workout that is very helpful in building bone strength. Speed walking in a park or open place for about 20 minutes a day will work well. Alternatively you can do running or jogging. This will help you build bone mass and maintain lean muscles.


3. Stairs climbing :- You can use your stairs for this purpose. Running your home stairs up and down several times can built lot of strength in your legs. Rope jumping or playing outdoor games like tennis will help you build up your immune system and strong bones.


Low impact weight bearing workout


1. Push-ups :- Lie down on the floor on your stomach with both your palms placed against the floor. Keep your body straight. Your palms should be at a distance little wider than your shoulders. Apply pressure on your palms and using arm muscles, pick your upper body till your arms get straight. Keep your body straight and body weight should be on hands and toes. Bring your body down to previous position but do not touch floor. Repeat this process again about 8 – 10 times. This involves your shoulder, biceps, triceps and chest muscle groups. Helps creating endurance in the body and bones.


2. Bench press :- Lie down on the straight bench and hold the barbell bar at a width little more than your shoulders. Hold bar over your chest and press your hands up. Lift the bar until arms get straight. Make sure your feet touch ground properly. Bring the bar down up to chest. Repeat for 8 – 10 times.


3. Dead lifts :- Stand in front of barbell with the bar right above your toes. Bend your knees and hold the bar at your shoulders width with opposite grip of both hands. Keeping your back straight and head straight, lift up the bar until you get straight up. Hold a second and then slowly down to previous position. Repeat about 6 – 8 times.


4. Squats :- Place a long bar on you shoulders below your neck. Hold the bar with both hands and adjust it. Bend your knees until your body get into the position of sitting on the chair. Let your body go down until your thighs get parallel to the floor or little below it, for more intensity. Keep your back as well as head straight during the workout. Put pressure on your feet and legs and get up to original position. Repeat the process about 8 – 10 times.

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