Eating Habits for healthy living



Eating Habits play vital role in Healthy Living. Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) conducted a study on the Indian population and found that 43% of urban, middle class Indians just take bread rolls or slices of toast due to lack of time, while 13% people get a boiled egg or omelette in same time. 26% of people manage to take paranthas, puris or chapattis in their breakfast. Remaining 10% take south Indian food like idlis and dosas with rasam and sambhar, stands far away from healthy eating habits.

In today’s fast moving life, nearly nobody remembers the concept of Healthy Living. Not even a child, going to school, have enough time for getting meals. On the breathless morning, one can only break for bowl of cornflakes or sometimes not even that. For children, going to school, the morning meal is over-night left vegetables with some slices of bread or roti or just a customary omelette. Parents are so busy working that they hardly get time to check and maintain healthy eating habits in their children. The alarming IMRB stats show that 22% of office going people and 28% of teenagers skip their morning meal on regular basis. The reason for worry is that doctors and experts thinks that missing morning meal is the most unhealthy thing to start with as it can make you feel very lazy and out of energy. Situation is no different at dinner time. Inspite of having time we are forgetting the age old tradition of dining together at dinner time.

Those days are now obsolete when dinner time meant a get together conversation time with discussions of family problems or festivals or marriages with healthy delicious daal tadka and other traditions foods make by home ladies. No longer do people remember the magic of sharing a meal with family members. Everybody seems to be busy in their own world with their different choices of eating. Another study in the American journal ‘Obesity Research’ states that teenagers are likely to be healthier if they eat meals regularly with their family. Another study in the American journal ‘Obesity Research’ found states that a healthy maternal attitude to family eating and diet was much important than the frequently shared meals. Eating together with family enables the parents to have better knowledge of child’s eating habit and the amount of food that child consumes. Another benefit of eating together is that this will help curb bad food habits of your children.


Suggestions for parents to help children develop healthy eating habit

Make sure that your child get balanced diet. Stomach filled with balanced diet will in turn reduce the desire for junk food in school. If you wish to change certain food in the breakfast, do not rush into making changes at once. Instead slow change with one change in a month will be good and effective. Replace all drinks containing extra sugar, like sodas, juices, sports drink, with plain water. Never allow your children to have their meals in front of TV. A well known American psychiatrist, Dr Jack  claims that place you chose to have your meal is very important. “Eating Habit can be strong reflection of a family’s personality”, says Dr Shiv Kumar “Some of the most meaning full times are at the family meal”.


What psychiatrists say about choice of eating place for Healthy Living

Families who have their meal in the dining room are comfortable in each other’s company, yet still they are formal as a family unit. Those who choose the kitchen are exceptionally close and like to share responsibilities. The fast-food family which grabs meals at favorite high street outlet is busy and unconscious about their changing eating habit.

A Thinkers believe that the power of eating together is a kind of vaccine that protects children. In our modern society, it is easy to blame the fast food culture for the health reasons, but truth is that parenting has also gone under transition over the years. When we were in the growing stage about 40 years ago, parents insisted to have our meals together with the family. We never missed a meal during those days. Now, years later, we realize how important it is to have food together. It’s a tradition that is fading day by day. Sadly, now there is no routine or rules about what to eat, how much to eat. Children walk to their rooms with their eating plates or use to eat while watching TV or playing games. Breaking up of joint families into nuclear families is also one of the major reasons for this dying tradition. It is the time to change our eating habit to ensure healthy living.

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