Cycling For Losing Weight

cycling to lose body fat, How to lose belly fat by cyclingFitness experts recommends Cycling For Weight Loss. Why? People try different exercises and follow different kind of routines to lose weight. If you are trying to lose weight, the only exercise that employs a lot of calories and raises your heart rate are effective. That is why, fitness trainers always recommend cycling to lose weight. Cycling is one such cardio that burns lots of calories and there are several health benefits of cycling.


As we burn calories, we lose weight. Our muscles in the body are the machines that actually burn calories or fats. Cycling alone involves about all of your lower body muscles. So, it burns a lot of calories in short time span. Also, it creates strength in quads, hamstrings, hip muscles, and glutes which are really big muscles. It increases their fitness level making them more capable of burning more calories. Other health benefits of cycling includes overall body strength development.


As per experts, 25 – 30 minutes of cycling 3 – 4 times a week can help you a lot in achieving your goal. Your workout per week may vary according to the goal; you set for yourself. Riding up hills can burn more calories rather than riding in the plane for same duration.


Why Cycling For Weight Loss?

Extra body fats are a common problem not only among adults and middle age people, but also among children these days. So, it is not possible for everyone to follow the hard gym workout routine. On the other hand, cycling is suitable for every age group and every normal person can do this cardiovascular activity irrespective of gender or level of fitness. Also, you do not need to follow any step by step procedure. You can decide the intensity as per your will. Cycling in open with some friends can be fun as well. So, not only you will enjoy the ride and fresh air but you will also lose weight.


Here are some tips on Cycling For Weight Loss in the video


Health Benefits of Cycling

The major health benefit is that this increases the heart rate which leads to the burning of fats and calories in the body.

It is one time investment and you do not need to spend every month. So it is cheap and also a pollution free healthy option.

As per fitness experts, cycling is complete body workout and creates endurance in the body. It increases the strength and fitness of the body and helps in building lean muscle mass.

Some people are not allowed to pull weights due to medical reasons. Cycling is great alternative for such people as it uses your body weight for cycling and puts right pressure on your joints.

If you are doing a workout in the gym, you need some expert to instruct you. No special training is required for cycling and about every one of us knows how to ride a bike. As per studies, you can burn somewhat between 80-670 extra calories within a 30 min cycling duration depending on intensity and your body weight. So, irrespective of your body type, you can use cycling for weight loss in a very natural way.


Other Health Benefits of Cycling

It makes your heart and lungs strong and builds strength in your muscles. Strong heart will be able to pump more blood and hence oxygen will be transported efficiently to all body parts.

Higher fitness level ensures increased body metabolic rate. This means you will burn more calories even when you are sleeping or resting.


Some safety measures: To be safe during this great cardiovascular activity, you must :-
Regularly check and maintain the bike.
Keep a toolkit and a tube with you.
Wear a helmet and other safety utilities.
Follow all traffic rules on the road.


At last, there are lot more Health Benefits of Cycling other than some listed above, but overall cycling for weight loss can benefit you a lot.