Curing Cancer With Nutrition

With regards to the subject of ailments, it seems as if the extremely same medical colleges that are often so very good at teaching physicians how to save the lives of injury victims often neglect to satisfactorily address the way the body can heal itself through adequate nourishment. Doctors haven’t studied its link and diet to disease. Nor have many doctors ever taken one professional class on nutrition. What’s this? The fact some diseases, like cancer, are a lot more common in certain areas of the world than others should promote the entire medical community to inquire why there are much fewer documented instances in some places than others.

Normally, cancer rates are much lower in areas of the world where milk and meat intake is very low. If you ask most American doctors if there is a link between a disease such as cancer and diet you’ll find a whole selection of opinions. Many don’t appear to join the disease with diet in any way. And few appear to say the body can cure itself of cancer only via a change in diet. A limited number of doctors are now treating cancer with a holistic strategy, together with traditional medication. Since the practice of medication is a highly regulated business, medical physician may have real concerns about deviating from traditional therapy methods in favor of more holistic methods.

At this present time, there’s no sign the medical community in western countries is going to change from its current methods to disease treatment. Bear in mind that physicians suffer with the same disease and cancer rates because the rest of people. They are no far healthy than the population as a whole. And despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on things like cancer research there are more individuals from the West dying of cancer and suffering from chronic ailments today than ever before in the past. Rather than utilizing the human body as a chemistry experiment, the medical establishment could benefit by shifting more focus to nutritional biology.

The research linking nourishment and health are now stronger than ever before. But they are not emphasized enough. If getting well meant simply modifying your present eating routine then would you be willing to at least try it out? Fortunately, many people the world over have not waited for the medical establishment to understand how to combat diseases like cancer with nutrition. Tens of thousands have found success by turning to a mainly raw food diet. Such foods provide a body with the best quality nutrition to fight disease. You may also discover how raw foods have helped put others on a nutritional path to healing by reading, Living Food Cures: The Amazing Stories of 11 People Who Beat Disease Using Raw & Whole Foods. Article Source: http:\/\/EzineArticles.