Top Fat Loss Mistakes


Fat Loss Mistakes can ruin your goal to shed some pounds or to get into shape. People try hard to shed that extra flab around their waist line but, sometimes, they fail to achieve their goal. There are some common mistakes that most of us makes. Some of them are listed below :-


1. Quick and fast :- This is the biggest mistake that people commonly make when trying to lose weight shed off some pounds. Setting an unrealistic fat loss expectation or goal can doom you leading you nowhere. You want to get back into shape within 8 or 10 weeks. Even if you follow an extremely good diet pattern, how could you expect to get rid of all the fats that are being deposited from 4 – 5 years? People sometimes use pills to get rid of unwanted fat without realizing the side effects of these things. Besides that, as soon as you stop taking those pills, fats level again starts rising. This is not what you want, right ? So, like any other exercise, fat loss requires continuous efforts rather than shortcuts. This way you will not only lose the weight, but you will be able get rid of it permanently or for long term.


2. Same routine for everybody :- Sometimes you see other person, following his routine, manages to burn up the extra fat faster and easily. Occasionally, you start following their diet routine and workout. Usually, after some time you found that workout working no more for you and you start gaining fats. The basic logical fact behind this is that everybody is different and it is not mandatory that a particular routine that is effective for a person should also give same results to other. With different body types and build, everybody respond to a change in different manner. You need to figure out your system type. There are three basic structures according to the built : Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. Ectomorph type people are generally skinny people and fat loss is generally easy for them but they find it hard to gain muscles. Mesomorph type is an intermediate level and they require similar effort to lose as well as gain some mass. Edomorph type people usually find it difficult to cut fats. They gain very quickly and their natural body built is toward bulky side. All you need is to find out your body type and get a diet pattern and workout routine that suits you.


3. Looking for consistent fat loss every week:- This is another factor that may demotivate few. It usually happens that a person loose decent amount of fats in first three – four weeks. But do not lose any or just a little in next week. So, whenever this happen, treat is as normal thing. Physical system of human being is very complicated and so do not necessarily lose the same amount in same time slot as earlier. You may shed more than expected at a particular time and may not in the next time slot. Discipline and consistency is the key as it will always show you results in the long run.


4. Deal with setbacks :- Getting results totally depends on your efforts and commitment. Sometimes, it happens that you try hard enough for some time but you do not see visible results. Lot of us decides to quit at this times. This is not the way to deal with setbacks. Rather keep the attitude of NEVER QUITING. If you deal with all your setbacks and bumps in your path and do the effort continuously in right way, you will definitely be able to achieve your weight loss goal.


5. Eating less :- It is a general assumption that you need to eat less for faster Fat Loss. Depending on your weight and workout routine, you need to decide your calories intake. But if you eat lot less food or say if you not getting the required calories and nutrients for proper functioning of the body, you are not going to lose weight. Eating less your system to hold on to the fats stored in the body. Your metabolism will slow down leading to no burning of fats. This happens because body entire system treats it as an emergency situation since it is not getting calories from your food. So, it preserves its energy store house for future purposes and won’t let it go. On the other hand, if you eat right amount of calories and nutrients, you are likely to reduce more weight in less time.


6. Inappropriate sleep :- Studies shows that people who sleep minimum 8 hours are healthier than those will sleep less. Inappropriate sleep triggers the blood sugar level as well as mental disability. This also leads to poor metabolism and is not good when you are trying to lose weight. So, try to take proper rest every night.


At last, everyone can achieve whatever weight loss goal you want to achieve by avoiding the above mentioned Fat Loss Mistakes.

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