Causes And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

breast cancer causes and preventionSometimes it is hard for people to detect. Cancers may be called as the group of diseases due to which causes overproduction of defective cells in the body. Cancer in the women breasts is called Breast Cancer. Breasts are very delicate parts made of milk ducts and milk glands that are surrounded by fatty tissues. Abnormal growth of cells in these surrounding tissues or milk ducts can lead to Breast Cancer. This is most commonly found cancer among females and can show signs among females at younger age. Chances of this disease increases as you grow older and older. It may be surprising but about 1% of breast cancer cases occurs among men. There are different types of Breast Cancers. Many women die every year due to these diseases and lack of awareness is one of the major causes for this.


Causes Of Breast Cancer:

Body cells die and new cells are created daily in a controls organized way. These new cells replace old dead cells and organs functions properly. When body loses control over the generation of cells, a chain reaction initiates in a particular body part and lots of abnormal cells are created in uncontrolled manner. This leads to Breast Cancer.


Causes Of Breast Cancer are


Age: The chances of getting affected by breast cancer increases with your age although it may occur at any age. Females experiencing the periods before the age of 12 or after the age of 55 have little more risk of getting affected than the others. Women who are 30 years old have 1 chance in 280 of getting affected. It is more common among the women over 50 years old.


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Genetical reasons: Your family history is one of the Causes Of Breast Cancer and gets higher if any of your blood relations got this disease at younger age. If you have a history of affected male in your family, then the closest females are likely being at risk. Studies shows that about 5 – 10% of these cases are hereditary.


Diet and lifestyle: Women who consume diet with high amount of fats are more likely to get fat and obese. Being overweight or obese makes the conditions ideal for the cancer. Consuming alcohol is one among Causes Of Breast Cancer and and risk increases with amount of alcohol one consumes.


Exposure to radioactivity: Regular exposure to radioactive materials increases the risk of getting affected with Breast Cancer.


Not breastfeeding :- Studies shows that women who donor breast feed their new born are slightly at risk. As per doctors, breast feeding reduces the risk of Breast Cancer.


Thick dense breast tissues: Women with denser breast tissue are more likely at risk. Dense breast means the number of gland tissues is much more than the number of fatty tissues than it is in normal cases.


No physical workout: Lack of physical exercise is one among the risk factors. Physical exercises helps you keep your body fit and ensure optimal functioning of body. Studies shows that about 20 – 30 minutes of workout a day keeps you fit reduces the risk by 18%.


Smoking: Tobacco smoking is well known cause of cancers. Studies shows that who smoke for 5 years regularly after starting menstrual periods have 70% more probability of getting affected by Breast Cancer than non-smokers before 50 years age.


Symptoms Of Breast Cancer:


It is very difficult to identify the Symptoms Of Breast Cancer in the early stages as it usually does not show any pain or other visible symptoms. But they can be detected by finding any abnormality in the body part or feeling some breast lump or by mammography. A lump that that persists for long in the breast area or above the collarbone may be a cancer sign.


Nipple inversion happens some time and should not be considered as a symptom. But if it not usual or common thing, then you should consult the doctor as it may be one of the symptoms of breast cancer.


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Redness of the breast skin, red patches or changes in the texture of the skin over the breast or other skin problem that persists and do not go even after taking medicines can also be among symptoms of breast cancer.


So, if you see any of the above Symptoms Of Breast Cancer, it is better to consult your doctor.