Building huge lean biceps


lean biceps workout

It is a dream of every male/female to have big biceps right from their teenage. Big biceps are considered as a sign of strength and manliness. They make you feel confident and bring appreciation and compliments. Building biceps needs discipline and you cannot wish to get them over night. Proper diet, proper workout, complete rest and discipline are the key to success.


Anatomy of bicep :- Biceps muscle has three parts: Biceps Brachii, brachialis and brachioradialis. Biceps Brachii is the biggest muscle among all three. It makes two heads of the biceps muscles. Brachialis and Brachioradialis are two smaller muscles present on the outside of the bicep responsible for flexion of elbow.


We have listed some most effective basic exercises that will help you achieve your goal.

Standing barbell curl :- This is a complete and a must biceps development exercise. This exercise develops mass in the biceps and helps it grow bigger.
Execution :- Hold a barbell with palms up grip with both hands about shoulders width apart. Keep your elbows steady and just tuck them into both sides of body.
Pick up the barbell from the rack. Now keeping both elbows tucked sidewise, curl up the bar and bring it up to your chin. Always keep in mind that you should stop curling before your forearms get perpendicular to the ground.
Hold for a second and then slowly release the barbell down to the starting point. Allow your biceps to do all the work and you should feel it.
You can vary the intensity and target area by varying the grip distance on the bar. You can have narrow grip, medium grip or wide grip as per your requirement.


Hammer curls :- This is very good exercise for biceps and forearm muscles.
Pick up two dumbbells from the rack and hold them in such position that both your palm faces each other on both sides of the body. Keep your arms straight.
Lift the dumbbell in one hand slowly until the forearm gets perpendicular to the ground. Try to stabilize your elbows as much as you can.
Release the dumbbell slowly following same path until you get to the initial position.
Repeat the process with other arm.


Chin-ups :- This is another mass builder and is considered little hard to perform.
Grab a straight pull up bar with both palms facing you at shoulders width distance.
Using your biceps muscles, pull your body up until your chest reaches close to the bar.
Hold the position for a second and slowly release the body down to the initial position. Repeat same process again.
You can add more intensity to the exercise by forcing your body further up.


Seated incline curls :- This exercise can another intense exercise.
Sit back on an inclines bench with 45 to 60 degree incline angle. Hold dumbbells in both hands with palm facing each other position. Let both hands hang in air while holding dumbbells.
Pull the dumbbell in one arm up to the point until your forearm get perpendicular to the ground. You should use your biceps muscle to pull the dumbbell.
Release the weight slowly until you get into initial position. Then repeat the process with other arm.


Concentration curls :- Along with biceps, this exercise also works on your forearms.
Sit down on a flat bench with knees bend and feet on the floor. Place a dumbbell between your legs.
Using your right hand, grip the dumbbell and pick it up the ground. Now place your upper arm portion on the inner portion of your thigh and adjust it. Do not let the dumbbell touch the ground anytime.
Curl your arm holding the weight keeping your upper arm steady until the dumbbell reaches the shoulder level.
Hold the position for a second and release the arm slowly to get to the initial position. Remember not to swing your arm at any time.
Repeat the process again.


Some basic points to remember :-
Always do some warm up before you start you hard workout. Warming up ensures that muscles are ready for heavy lifting as it pumps blood to those area making them ready to work.
Stretch your muscles after a workout and before performing your workout. This reduces the risk of cramping.
Consume your protein supplement within 20 minutes after to finish your workout.
Give proper rest to your muscles to recover. At least 8 hours of sleep is required for recovery.