Exercises For Good Sex

sex enhancing workouts, how to improve sexual health naturally

Exercises not only help you stay fit but they also boost up your sex life. Here are some top exercises :-

1. Squat :- Squats are considered as top exercise for fitness and health for a person. This exercise develops a great strength in your hips and leg muscles enabling the couples to try and enjoy new fresh sexual position. Being such an intense exercise, it also raises the testosterone level in the body which leads to the increased desire of sex both among males as well as females.

Execution :-
1. Add appropriate weight to the barbell and adjust it at little lower than your shoulder height on the rack.
2. Stand with both feet about shoulder width apart and both toes poiting slightly outwards. Place the bar over the trapezius muscle and dismount the barbell from the rack and take a small step forward.
3. Keeping your head and back straight, bend your knees slowly and get into the position of sitting on a chair. Your thighs should get parallel to the ground.
4. Keep your body tight and do not allow your knees go past your toes.
5. Apply force on your heels and thighs and lift your body up without bending your back. Get back to the standing position. Repeat the process 8 – 12 times.


2. Abs Crunches – standing :- Abdominal muscles are completely involved during your sex drive. So, it is really important to have strong abdominals. Your abs muscles help to stabilize your core while you try different positions during the intercourse.

Execution :-
1. Hold the cable that is above your head level on the pull machine and stand with your back towards the machine. Hold cable with both hands on your collar bone and both feet about shoulder width apart.
2. Tighten up your abs and bend down from waist bringing your torso down until it gets parallel to the floor.
3. Hold the position for a second and get back slowly to the initial position. Repeat the process again.


3. Abdominal Bridge :- This workout is great to build strength and endurance in your abdominals. This will not only build strength but you will be able to hold your positions for longer time during your sex drive. This exercise can be done in different ways :-

1. Lie down on the floor with your face towards the floor.
2. Place both palms against the floor at about shoulder width apart and push up your body until your arms get straight.
3. Your body should be in a straight line from head to heels and body weight should be on your palms and toes.
4. Hold the position as long as you can.

1. Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and both arms by the sides of your body.
2. contracting your abs, raise your hips off the floor. Do not lift up your upper body or shoulders off the ground.
3. Release your hips slowly to get back to the ground. Repeat the process again.


4. Belly dancing :- Belly dance is great for abs, hips and thighs as it builds strength as well as flexibility in these areas. It gets your body into shape and enhances endurance. You will notice that some of the moves are actually similar to the moves during your sex drive.

Many of the fitness experts recommend belly dancing. You can join dancing classes or you can get some DVDs to learn the moves.


5. Stretching :- Stretching makes your body flexible and so allows you to enjoy every possible during your sex drive. It always keeps you away from many possible sexual problems. Exercise involving your pelvic muscles facilitates orgasm during sex.

I) The Butterfly:
1. Lie down on the mat or bed with the knees bent and your feet together properly flat on the mat.
2. Pull your feet towards your butts until they touch your butts. Now, open up your knees and spread them outwards in such a way that your soles of your feet face each other. Keep both soles joined to each other.
3. Ask your partner to gently press the inner thighs until you flex comfortably. Hold the position for a minute and get both knees together and relax.