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Joshua A. Senne – Joshua A. Senne is a doctorate student at the US Sports Academy located in Daphne, Alabama. His doctorate emphasis is sports health and fitness, with a specialization in sport marketing. These subjects include history of gender equality in sports and Title IX, gender equity in sport governance, gender equity issues in athletics, gender equity, sports involvement, and Title IX, and gender equity in coed sports. For each subject, the writer presents a summary and a reason behind choosing the subject. Further, the writer presents information concerning the significance of every topic to gender equity in sports, and any relevant social, ethical, or legal issues.

KEYWORDS: gender fairness, athletics, athletics governance, Title IX, coed athletics. INTRODUCTION – Gender equity continues to be an issue in society as the beginning of time. The objective of this paper is to explore the background that surrounds the problems of gender equity in sport, what activities are taken to provide equal chance for females in sports, the current problems facing women in athletics today, the research surrounding the topics pertaining to sex equity in sport, and to discuss the results and current recommendations for further research in this region. Title IX was originally enacted by the US authorities to guarantee equal educational opportunity for males and females, but it was used to make equal opportunities for females in sports.

Title IX was monumental in increasing the involvement of girls in sports, but girls still face evaluation and stereotyping due to societal norms, which establish girls as being fragile, less capable, and passive. In addition, sport has always been seen as a masculinized entity, and for that reason, females are perceived as intruding on male boundaries. Recent and past research shows that having a more balanced male and feminine advice in athletics governance contributes to a better work environment. While Title IX has created more opportunities in sport for females, it’s done very little to reduce the stereotype image of women in sports.

Further, it’s done little to help establish equal opportunities in sport governance and the pressures girls face in an Egyptian masculinized sport organization. The Title IX Statute states, No person in the US shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from involvement in, be denied the advantages of, or be subject to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. Exceptions to Title IX include educational facilities that traditionally admits members of only one sex, institutions that train People for military service, as Well as institutions whose compliance with Title IX would violate religious beliefs.

In addition, it didn’t specifically refer to athletic opportunities when it was first developed, however, subsequent interpretations and court cases set the tone that opportunities in sports are also to be upheld to this standard .