Muscle Gain Workout At Home


best muscle gain workout program

Squats :- This exercise is very important and is must if you want big legs. Right weight and proper technique is the key to gain maximum benefit out of it.


1. Stand straight with a bar properly placed on your shoulders. Hold bar with both hands little wider from shoulders width. Your feet should at shoulders distance apart or little wider than that.

2. Bend your knees and get your body down to the position of sitting on a chair. Keep your chest out and back straight with stable straight head. While you bend your knees, they should stay straight above your toes and should not go out of the position. Your feet should be flat on the ground rather than your heels up in air. Get down until your thighs get parallel to ground or little below.

3. Push yourself up by applying the force on your heels and thighs. Remember always to keep your back straight while you apply the force. Your head and neck should be stable too. Exhale while getting back to the starting position.


best muscle gain workout planDeadlifts :- Deadlifts helps gain overall body mass as all the major muscle groups gets involved in this workout.

1. Take a barbell and grip the bar with both palms in the opposite direction at about shoulder width apart. Look straight forward with your spine in neutral position with hips back and down. Shoulders be tight and straight over the bar and should be pulled backward.

2. Push chest forward and tighten shoulders. Tightly hold the bar and lift the bar by applying pressure on your feet. Use the power of the legs to push up the weight. Keep shoulders back and chest out.

3. As you go up use your upper body more to lift the weight until your body gets straight up. As you reach the top position, hold the position for a second and start ascending slowly.

4. Slowly bend and resist the downward motion of the barbell using force in the upper body. As bar reach the lower level, slowly release and let the barbell touch the ground. Again lift up the weight by repeating the above mentioned steps. Do not rest the barbell on the ground.


Bench Press :- This exercise basically builds up your chest muscles and also works on the triceps and some part of shoulder muscles. It can be performed using dumbbell as well as barbell.

1. Lie down on bench with your feet properly landed on the ground. The bar should be right above your face. Relax your shoulders and body properly on the bench.

2. Hold the empty bar without weight at about shoulder width apart or little more width.

3. Slowly bring the bar down and let it gently touch the upper center o he chest. Do not allow it to rest or bounce over the chest.

4. Apply pressure on your chest muscles to push up the barbell. The barbell rod should end up right above your mouth or chin.

5. Add appropriate weight to the bar and repeat the above procedure in the presence of a supporter to help.


Military Press :- This is a great workout to build up strong shoulder muscles.

1. Stand straight with your feet at shoulder distance apart.

2. Bens down and grip the barbell bar at a distance more than shoulder width apart.

3. Lift the barbell up to your upper chest and hold. Now apply pressure on your shoulders and push the barbell up until your arms get straight.

4. Hold for a second and slowly release the weight to chest level again slowly by using shoulder and triceps muscles.

5. Again hold for a second push up and repeat all the above steps again.


Barbell Row :- This exercise helps in building the back. It can be just as intense and helpful as deadlifts.

1. Grip the barbell bar at little wider distance than your shoulder width by bending knees. Your back should be parallel to the ground.

2. using your elbows, pull up the weight up to your chest. One thing to be kept in mind is the full motion of any workout is extremely important. So, touch the bar to your chest every time you lift it. Keep your body steady.

3. Release the bar slowly by applies elbows force and let the bar touches the ground. Do not allow your back to get arched.

4. Each time you pull the bar, your chest should be out and shoulders should be back and tight instead of round. Repeat the process as mentioned in above steps to get great results.