Build Huge Triceps


how to increase triceps

If your goal is get bigger arms, you need to get train your triceps as hard as you do your biceps workout. Triceps are bigger muscles than your biceps and well developed triceps make your arms look really big and balanced. But most of the time they are neglected or forgotten. There are different workouts you can work your triceps with.


Anatomy of Triceps :- The triceps or Triceps Brachii has three different heads that connects scapula bones to ulna or your forearm bone. They are called as Lateral head (Located on the outward side and gives horseshoe shape to the muscle), Medial head (is located toward inside or body midline) and Long heads (is largest among three heads and located below humerus). Triceps are mainly use to extend the elbow or arm straightening purpose.


Workout :- There are different exercises that you can do to build your triceps :-

Close Grip Bench Press :- This exercise is very effective in building the triceps muscle mass. This exercise allows using heavy weights in order to make the triceps work harder for maximum results. Always remember that it takes time to build strength in your wrists. So, if you are new, do not lift much heavier weight. You should use wrist straps for lifting in the presence of a partner or trainer.

Execution :- Lie down on a flat bench under the barbell rack. Hold the bar with both hands at width less than shoulder width.
Pick the barbell up and let it comes down slowly until it gets very close to your lower chest.
Hold the bar above the lower chest for a second and then using your triceps, push the bar up until your arms get straight.
Hold the position for a second and let the bar come down again. Do not the bar to bounce from the chest. Repeat the process.


French Press :- This is another great exercise for triceps.
Execution :- Lie down on a flat bench under the barbell rack.
Hold the barbell bar with both hands at shoulder width and then pick the barbell up from rack.
Keeping your upper arms straight and steady, bend your elbows and let the barbell bar come down up to your head or just very close to head. Avoid the bar touching or bouncing on your skull.
Hold your elbows locked and then using your triceps, lift the barbell up again to the initial position. Repeat the process.


Seated Overhead Triceps Extension :- This is another mass builder and requires good strength to execute.
Execution :- Sit straight on a flat bench with the dumbbell in both hands right above your head.
Keeping your upper arms steady and straight, bend your elbows keeping them little inward until your dumbbell comes close to your back or where the dumbbell is close to touch your back.
Hold the position for a second and then using triceps power; lift the dumbbell straight up to the initial position. Repeat the process again.


Triceps Kickbacks :- Take a flat bench and place one knee and same side hand on it by bending forward.
Keep your back straight from waist to head and hold a dumbbell in other hand.
Pull the dumbbell towards your rear until your arm gets fully extended. Lock your upper arm at the position and bring the dumbbell down slowly by bending your elbow without swinging.
Again slowly raise the dumbbell to the top position. Hold and bring it down.
Switch the arms and repeat the whole process again.


Triceps Dips :- Move up to dips bars and pick your body up on the bars with all your body weight on the palms. Your body should be in air and your arms should be straight.
Slowly bend your elbows transferring all the force to the triceps. Stop going down at a point where your elbows are just above 90 degree angle to the bars.
Hold the position for a second and then using your triceps muscles, pick your body up until your arms get straight. Repeat the process again.


There are some other exercises but above mentioned exercises are the basic exercises that will help you build serious muscle mass if follow seriously.