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Plyometrics Exercises: Burn Fat with Plyometrics Workout

Plyometrics Exercises

Plyometrics ExercisesPlyometrics Exercises are ultimate way to blast body fat. This is new advanced breed of cardio and is a fast and effective way to Lose Weight. As per fitness experts, you can burn about 350 calories with 30 minutes of Plyometrics Workout. Above all, you do not need any equipment for these workouts.

Why Plyometrics Exercises?

“Polymetrices”, in a way, not only modifies your workout but it makes your workout more challenging by adding more intensity to the moves. This workout pattern ensures better joint stability by enhancing neuromuscular proprioception. It increases overall body strength, your muscles get stronger and you feel some alternative energy coming into play every time you do your regular strength trainings or cardio on any other daily physical job. Above all, Plyometrics Workout helps you burn lots and lots of calories helping you reduce weight quicker than other workouts.


Burn Fat with these Plyometrics Workout

Squat Jumps :- This exercise burns lots of calories as it is really intense workout. It strengthens your legs and lower body muscles.

1. Stand in front of a step with straight back and your feet about feet width apart.

2. Bend your knees and get your hips down until your thighs get parallel to the ground. Do not allow your knees go past your toes.

3. Pushing your heels, jump onto the step with both feet landing together and flat on the step with your body in the squat position.

4. Step down back to your starting position and repeat the process again.


Sumo Jumps :- This Plyometrics Workout works on your thighs, calves and lower body muscles.

1. Stand straight with both feet little wider than your shoulders width. Bend your knees and get down into the squats position.

2. Hold both hands together and keep your arms straight such that both hands come right at top center of both legs.

3. Pushing your heels, jump up with full power and raise your arms up straight with hands still held together.

4. Land down on your feet getting into the squat position. Repeat the process for about 10 – 15 times.


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Straddle Jumps :- This form of “Plyometrics Exercises” is perfect for strengthening your lower body.Plyometrics Exercises - Burn Fat With Plyometrics Workout

1. Stand straight with both your feet on the either side of low step. Get down into the squat position with straight back and knees behind the toes.

2. Putting pressure on your heels, explode off the ground and place both feet on the step flat at same time ending in the semi squat position.

3. Get down the step and again follow the same process.


Lunge Jumps :- This is workout another intense workout that tones your legs and hips.

1. Stand straight with both feet about your hip width apart. Take your right foot forward at place it at a step distance in from your rear foot.

2. Lower your body to get into lunges position with your front high parallel to the ground. Do not allow your rear knee to touch the ground.

3. Jump off the ground with full strength and switch legs in air bringing your rear leg in front and front to rear landing back in the lunges position.

4. Again jump off and repeat this entire “Plyometrics Workout” again.


Plank Jacks :-

1. Lie down on the ground with your face towards the floor. Keep your body straight.

2. Pick your body on your elbows and toes with both elbows about shoulder width apart. Hold both hands together in front and rest your forearms on the ground.

3. Keeping your body and back straight and abs tucked in jump up off your toes and spread your legs wider in air before your toes land on the ground.

4. Again jump off and bring both feet together in air so that you end up as in starting position. Repeat the entire process again.


There several other Plyometrics Workout out there but all the above mentioned Plyometrics Exercises are more than enough to serve the purpose.