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How To Get Strong Bones

How To Get Strong Bones

How To Get Strong BonesWith the rise increase in the age, the bones start growing weak raising the risk of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis tends to grow your bones weak and thus increases the risk of fractures. So, it is extremely important to take care of your bone health.

Proper nutrition and regular workout is the key to healthy and strong bones. Here are the tips that can help you maintain healthy bones :-

1. Include dairy products to your diet :- These are great source of Vitamin D, magnesium and calcium which helps to build and strength the bones. Yogurt is rich in vitamin D and calcium. Consuming one cup yogurt a day will provide you with provide you required quantity of nutrients. Milk is another great source of calcium which is primary requirement for strong muscles

2. Green leafy vegetables :- Green vegetables are excellent source of essential nutrients like Vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and are rich in dietary fibers. Spinach is a rich source of calcium. It also contains Vitamin A, iron and is rich in fibers. You can consume other vegetables like broccoli, Parsley, Asparagus, and Radish etc. Try avoiding greens containing oxalic acid which usually interferes with absorption process of calcium.

3. Include seeds and nuts in your diet chart :- Walnuts, hemp seeds, flax are rich source of magnesium and they contain essential omega-3 fatty acids. Some nuts also contain potassium that helps loss of calcium through the urine.

4. Include proteins :- Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles and bones. They not only build new tissues, but they also provide flexibility to the bones. So, consume foods that are high in proteins. Include pulses, beans or soybeans are full of proteins, magnesium and calcium.

5. Orange :- Orange juice is a store house of nutrients required to build and strengthen the bones. Juice contains calcium, vitamins, minerals which are must for the health of bones. Orange juice is best for people who cannot consume dairy or milk products or people having intolerance to lactose.

6. Get out taking sunbath once in a while :- Sunlight is the greatest source of vitamin D. sitting in sun for some time can help a lot.

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how to get strong bones naturallyExercises for making bones stronger :-


Dead Lifts :-

1. Stand straight with a barbell in front, with the bar of the barbell right above your feet. Keep your feet at a small distance apart.

2. Bend your knees and hold the barbell bar with both hands gripping in opposite direction. Try to keep your back straight and look in front.

3. Without bending your back, lift up the barbell up until you stand straight. Remember to involve the muscles of your lower body while lifting the barbell.

4. Again, bring the barbell down to the floor keeping the back straight. You can do 3. – 5 sets with 4 – 6 reps in each set.

Squat :-

1. Place a long bar over your shoulders behind your head at your color bones. Stand straight with your feet about your shoulder width apart.

2. Bend your knees slowly and get down in the position like sitting on the chair. Keep your head and back straight. Hold at the point where your thighs are parallel to the ground.

3. Push yourself up using the force in the lower body while keeping your back straight. Repeat the process again. You can do 3 – 5 sets with 5 – 8 reps in each set.

Bench press with dumbbell :-

1. Take a flat bench and lie down on it. Hold dumbbells in both hands at both sides of your torso at level of your chest.

2. Your feet should be steady and well landed on the floor. Your arms should make right angle with the floor.

3. Using your arm muscles, push the dumbbells up and raise them until your arms get straight above your face. Remember that your palms should be pointed in the forward direction.

4. Bring the dumbbells down to the initial position slowly using the arms muscles. Repeat the process again. Do 3 – 5 sets with 5 – 8 reps in each set.